Since our humble beginning in 1986, Delmar Gardens of Creve Coeur skilled nursing and rehabilitation continues to be the choice of West St. Louis County, including Creve Coeur, and surrounding area families when a loved one needs long or short-term care, rehabilitation, a respite stay, or memory care.


Delmar Gardens of Creve Coeur provides unmatched nursing care and therapy making us the preferred choice of most physicians and surgeons. Our staff includes a Medical Director who is available around the clock, plus a full staff of Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and Nurse Aides in addition to expert physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Our team collaborates with your Physician and family to create a care plan that focuses on healthy healing at a rate that is comfortable yet progressive for the resident so they may return home safely and with confidence. Our years of experience work to confidently plan discharge upon admission. Once the plan of care is administered and completed, residents enjoy a three-day, two-night stay at our independent living community known as our exclusive Ready-Set-Go Home! Program.

Live independently in our network with oversight as needed by your therapist, helps to gain confidence to live independently in a safe environment before transitioning back home. It’s our exclusive program that works!


In addition to our beautifully appointed common areas, residents also enjoy services and amenities such as:

  • 24-hour professional nursing services
  • Full rehabilitative program including daily physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Daily social and recreational programs and activities
  • Unlimited visiting hours
  • Emergency call system
  • Religious services – non-denominational and denominational
  • Grab bars in bathing and toilet areas
  • Obstruction-free floor plan (promotes greater independence)
  • Luxurious furnishings
  • Elegant dining room
  • Large activity room
  • Television with complimentary cable
  • Beauty salon/Barbershop
  • Free WiFi


Dear Management,

This is a two-part memo:

  1. First of all, I thank you for the wonderful healing to my body from the physical therapy and nurses. I experienced amazing help from coming in as I had little mobility from the fall I experienced at my home.  The nurses and techs were very confident in their approach and treatment. PT just got right to results with planning and enactment of the plan. I’m healing and at last I can walk!
  2. Please provide my thanks and appreciation to Robin. Her attitude was always to welcome me, cheer me up, and provide the precise dosage as always.  Robin is very confident in explaining the medicine and extremely patient.  She is definitely an asset to the team.

Respectfully submitted,

Cassie L.

Dear Management,

If you had awards that I could make a nomination for, it would be Chim Nyirongo.  As he performed amazing work every day assisting the nursing staff and other groups (when necessary) making certain the needs of the patients are met.

For me personally, his assistance was highly valued and much appreciated for each day.  It is so important that he knows how his service was highly valued and so appreciated. He is a great asset to Delmar Gardens!

Thank you,

Cassie L.

Just a note of thanks to the staff of Delmar Gardens. You know, every patient in your charge enjoys and prospers from the friendly and caring atmosphere you provide for them.

I know my husband couldn’t have been in better hands. Being able to leave, after visiting, without worry or anxiety is the priceless gift you give to all your patients’ families.

I think my wanting Bobby to stay a bit longer while he further strengthened is a compliment to all of you.

I am actually going to miss not coming here and seeing you, along with a number of patients I have come to know,

Well, that’s about it. Keep on doing what you do so well.



Dear Jeanna,

 I am grateful for all the daily kindness shown by some of your staff, but I especially wanted you to know that Marlene at the front desk is always remarkably helpful. I have thanked her and said I’d send a note to let you know, as I am doing just that!  She’s a peach!

Thanks, always,


Delmar Gardens Family,

On behalf of St. Monica, I want to thank you for all the canned goods that you donated to the poor.  Our food pantry, run by the St. Vincent dePaul Society, is always in need.  They appreciate it so much.

Carol R.

December 22, 2015

Thank you so much for the donation to the Food Pantry.  So many people depend on these resources and especially at this time of year.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Rev. Rory K., Immanuael Lutheran Church & School/Light of Christ Chinese Mission

Jeanna and Jane–

I wanted to thank you both for everything you did to allow my mother’s death to be as calm and really lovely as it was.

When Kendra called and asked me if I wanted hospice, I told her how important to me it was that the men and women I have trusted with her care all these years be the same people who are with her when she dies: the last thing we wanted were strangers with her.

Kendra told me many people came to see Bettie before she died–what an amazing thing to have happen. I get it that hospice absorbs a lot of costs, but there isn’t a crew around as kind and caring as the crew who cares for Bettie.

I hope the weekday staff know all of this, too.

Ebony and I cleared out her room today, shared a lot of laughter as we went through memories, and I left feeling so strange not to be coming there anymore.

And I also want to offer myself as a reference for any family who would like to talk to someone about the care their family member would receive in your home–just send me an email heads-up and let me know someone will be calling.

Thanks, for it all, dear friends.



I wish to commend the doctor, nurses, certified nurse assistants, physical therapists, nutrition staff, social workers, and administrators of the Delmar Gardens Creve Coeur skilled nursing facility for wonderful and outstanding care of my beloved wife, Frances, in rehabilitation care and, later, hospice care. I do not remember all of their names, but their loving care of Fran was stupendous! Jeanie, Kara, Cheryl, Michelle and all the rest made such a difference in the quality of Fran’s remaking time here.

Gregory G.

Dear Delmar Gardens Family,

Thank you so much for the lovely floral arrangement in memory of Denise.  Your thoughts and prayers were felt by my family.  It is in times of need that the true friends emerge and wear so appreciative of your actions.

The care you provided Denise, and now our mother, Jeannie, is so much appreciated.  I know we will continue to work together to comfort Mom.


Ruth B.

Dear Nurse of Betty A.,

I am very grateful that my grandma switched to your care over three years ago.  The change was night and day.  Thanks to you and your team’s generous care my grandma’s life was extended.  No only did you keep her alive, but alive with dignity.  I was amazed to even see her walking for the first time in many years.

Grandma Betty appreciated everything you did for her, though at times this may have been difficult for her to communicate.  I am very grateful for the flexibility of the staff that have been so generous in allowing me to visit my grandma and spend as much time as possible with her over the years.  Being able to spend time with Grandma has been one of the most meaningful activities for me since moving back to St. Louis.

Thanks for all you did.

David A.

Dear Staff of Delmar Gardens:

I want to thank and commend the staff of Delmar Gardens of Creve Coeur for all of the wonderful care you provide to my mother.  There aren’t enough words or gifts I can give you to show the appreciation my family has for knowing that our mother’s needs are addressed.  Each department has STARS that go beyond their roles to ensure that she is as comfortable as possible in her new home.  She has finally stopped asking me daily if she can go home and realizes that DG is her home.  It is funny when I pull her out for over-nights at my house, she may even ask when she is going ‘home’-DG!

Administration is always responsive to any concern I have and I feel comfortable talking with each person (Kevin, Kara and Jane just to name a few.)    I feel comfortable sharing concerns with her nurses and know that they will follow up.  The aides you have assigned to Mom (Jessica and Shay) take care of her, and when Shay isn’t assigned to Mom on her shift, she comforts me in telling me that she will provide tips to whoever is assigned to Mom.  The day cleaning staff is considerate and keeps the room clean.  I would also like to compliment food service as I appreciate the variety of meals and that the staff works with me in judging if the meat is something mom can chew or if mechanical or a grilled cheese sandwich is needed.  Laundry facilities is such a blessing as I don’t have to worry about doing it myself and they get the clothing back to Mom’s room and hung by color coordinated outfits, WOW!  The activities department works with me to keep mom active and not in that room or bed.  She even went to a Cardinal’s game!  I am SO-O-O thankful for each person.  I pray that God continues to touch you as you touch my mom.


Ruth B.

March 16, 2020

Delmar Gardens

850 Country Manor Lane

Creve Coeur, MO 63142

My letter is being directed to those individuals such as the doctors, nurses, aides, and therapists who personally assisted my father, Donald, during his stay at Delmar Gardens.  I truly hope my letter makes it to that nurse’s station and that those wonderful people get to see my letter. 🙂

I’ve never had a loved one stay in a Skilled Nursing Center or Nursing Home and I was as frightened and lost as could be on the day my father arrived.  Kenya first saw the fear in me and assured me immediately that everything would be okay.  What a kind and loving greeting to have received at that moment.  You all do this daily and I’m sure it becomes second nature to you all.  However, let me assure you it matters more than you know.

Each person I interacted with was kind, personable, and always shared a nice “hello” when I arrived to visit my father. You always kept me informed on how he was doing and assured me he was doing great and making progress.  You all took tremendous care of him and I will forever be grateful.  You can imagine the horror stories one hears (sometimes) about elderly care, but not Delmar Gardens. I truly felt my father’s care was important, and you proved that every day.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I hope you all are forever blessed and know that the work you do is extremely important.

My father is doing well at his home and was finally reunited with his dog Brady!  They are happy!  We have taken on many of his responsibilities so he doesn’t need to worry about those things such as laundry, bills and grocery shopping.  Just trying to keep him safe and all is going well. I wanted to stop by and thank you all in person, but with COVID-19, it’s better to stay away at this time.

I am not sure what the future holds and if one day it brings us full circle and back to Delmar Gardens, I can rest assured that he is being well taken care for.

Again, God bless you and I remain forever grateful.

Diane M.  (Daughter)

I have just experienced 4 weeks of healing care at Delmar Gardens of Creve Coeur.  It was a life-changing time for me.

I came in unable to walk.  I weighed 327 lbs. I now walk with a walker and weigh 300 lbs. That is due to the care and cooking I enjoyed.

In order to get to know the many who cared for me,  I would ask their names as I met them. I hope they can be publicly recognized for the way they treated a stranger who showed up one day in room 219.

Here are the names:

1)  Jeanna

2)  Maureen

3)  Bobby

4)  Tres

5)  Lacora

6)  Stacy

7)  Katy

8)  Luella

9)  Vanessa

10)  Kim

11)  Bettany

12)  Denise

13)  Carlotta

14)  Paris

15)  Demetrius

16)  Katrina

17)  Leroy Jones

18)  Shantrell

19)  Shantell

20)  Dr. Liu

21)  Rachel

22)  Keisha

23)  Peter

24)  Rita

25)  Latrice

26)  Conisha

27)  Tiffany

28)  Bishop

29)  Marcia

30)  Shanna

31)  Jessica

32)  Connie

33)  Diane

34)  Jewell

35)  Julia

36)  Renata

37)  Lavella

38)  Ashley

39)  Cory

40)  Monica.

41)  Latoya

42)  Marneisha

43)  Alexa

44)  Satana

45)  Lauren

46)  Ivory

47)  L.A.

48)  Shay

49)  Ollisha

50)  Kiley

51)  Marquita

52)  Shannon

53)  M.L.

54)  Courtney

55)  Warren

A key memory for me is the positivity of the staff and their common desire to take good care of the 100 or so people in beds in the facility.  Whether you are there as a long-term resident or for 3 or 4 weeks of rehab doesn’t matter.  You will be well taken care of.

One night I had this dream.  I saw a picture of the 15 people who took care of me that day. Each person in the picture glowed. A larger glow shone overall 15 collectively. The luminosity was such that I felt there was another presence in the photo.  I almost felt like I should be kneeling.

In the morning this glowing picture experience was my first thought. As my coffee helped me wake up, I began to process my thoughts.

Delmar Gardens of Creve Coeur is a special place, one created and maintained by a shared and caring vision.

Thank you for my time with you all.  I share this story widely. People are amazed.

Michael D.

I am writing you as you have been my one constant point of contact. I trust that you will pass this along to all your staff, doctors, nurses, aids, the EMTs and anyone else who might have assisted in my brother’s care.

We wanted to express our families’s appreciation for the wonderful care and attention my brother received, but also the empathy and willingness to serve that was shown to me, Bill’s daughters and his friends. One of the best final gestures shown us was how effective the nurse was in contacting a Catholic Priest to provide Bill with our church’s Final Sacrament. She even provided me with pictures to document the anointing! I wish I could remember everyone’s names, but maybe that’s the good part… didn’t make any difference who I contacted, the experience was always the same.

These are unprecedented times with unprecedented protocols, staffing challenges and personal risk to those who choose to serve the aging population. We didn’t receive any….not one… response where we were “handed off”, put on indefinite hold, or subjected to any of the horror stories that I have heard from some of my friends going through similar family situations. Situations where they are trying to manage their loved one’s fate from out of state.

Please pass our appreciation on to all that played any roll in Bill’s care.

Stay safe and we pray that the new vaccines work as well as they are advertised!

May you and all of your families have a healthy and Merry Christmas (or Holiday) and may we all have a prosperous and healthy new year!

Chuck U.

Hi Jeanna!

I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely peace lily plant you sent in Sharon’s honor.  It is very much appreciated!

Thanks for the help you gave us when Sharon greatly needed assistance very quickly that was not anticipated.  Your guidance was very helpful to us and we appreciate all the time you were willing to give talking through many situations.

I still cannot realize all that has happened thus far in 2021 and Sharon is and will be greatly missed.  Our family dynamic will never be the same without Sharon and George.

A friend of Sharon’s has her Mom at Delmar Gardens I have recently learned.

Again, thanks for the help when it was greatly needed.


Mary S.

I want to report the outstanding care and attention we always receive from Jeanna Woods! I cannot fully express enough the level of compassionate care and service she continually provides. She’s an amazing person, and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge her.

Thank you, Pat P.

June 16, 2021

Thanks for the update and for all the WONDERFUL people affiliated with Delmar Gardens C.C. ….they are friendly above and beyond!❤️

Janice B.

Dear Karah,

I just want to say a hearty “Thank you” and express my appreciation for the very good, attentive, and generous care for my friend who just finished his stay at Delmar Gardens of Creve Coeur. All of you, especially you, Karah (Social Worker), Ebony (Nurse), Katrina (Nurse), and all of the other people who have been so kind and so helpful are very much appreciated. In the last three years I have had personal experience with at least four assisted living nursing facilities in the greater St. Louis area and I have to say that Delmar Gardens of Creve Coeur is #1 with me in terms of kindness, thoroughness, helpfulness and warmth. Your patience and understanding are truly admirable, both with your patients and for the family. Please pass on my thanks to everyone who helped my friend at a time that he was vulnerable. I am deeply grateful.



Dear Jeanna and all of the Delmar Gardens family,

For all the loving care heaped upon our darlin’ Lois Ann and all the great services provided – and for all the hugs and sincere expressions of sympathy.

Harold W. and our entire family