Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is one of the most trusted in West St. Louis County. Since 1982, Physicians, Spiritual Leaders, and families have relied on our experienced and dedicated staff for long and short-term care, rehabilitation, respite, and memory care for their patients and loved ones.


Our unmatched nursing care and therapy is the difference that makes Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield the preferred choice of most physicians and surgeons. Our staff includes a Medical Director who is available around the clock, plus a full staff of Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and Nurse Aides in addition to expert physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Our team collaborates with Physicians and families to create a care plan that focuses on healthy healing at a rate that is comfortable yet progressive for the resident so they may return home safely and with confidence. Our years of experience work to confidently plan discharge upon admission. Once the plan of care is administered and completed, residents enjoy a three-day, two-night stay at our independent living community on campus.

This complimentary stay is known as our Ready-Set-Go Home! Program. Continuing on our campus with oversight as needed by your therapist, helps to gain confidence to live independently in a safe environment before transitioning back home. It’s an evidence-based program that works!

Memory Care

Specialized Care Unit is devoted exclusively to caring for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of cognitive impairment. Close supervision is constantly maintained offering our dear residents freedom of mobility without restraint and ensuring their personal safety.

Our professional staff is specially trained and experienced with those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other memory impairment. Our activity staff prides itself in providing constant programming designed specifically for people with these special needs.

Daily exercise and memory stimulation are an integral part of our Specialized Care Unit. Regular exercise for residents with Alzheimer’s disease enhances motor skills, decreases falls and reduces the progress of mental decline. Improved behavior, enhanced memory and better communication skills are additional benefits. In addition to our Services and Amenities, the Specialized Care Unit includes:
• Tastefully decorated “Serenity Suites”
• Specifically designed activity program for constant engagement throughout the day

Additional small group activities include:

• Exercise
• Dance
• Memory Stimulation
• Horticulture Club
• Arts & Crafts
• State-of-the-Art Therapy Gym
• Elegant Dining Room
• Television/Lounge Area
• Specially designed and equipped bus
• Registered Dietician/Resident-Specific menu planning
• Protective wander alert system


In addition to our beautifully appointed common areas, residents also enjoy services and amenities such as:

  • 24-hour professional nursing services
  • Full rehabilitative program including daily physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Daily social and recreational programs and activities
  • Unlimited visiting hours
  • Emergency call system
  • Religious services: non-denominational and denominational
  • Grab bars in bathing and toilet areas
  • Obstruction-free floor plan (promotes greater independence)
  • Luxurious furnishings
  • Elegant dining room
  • Large activity room
  • Television with complimentary cable
  • Beauty salon/Barbershop
  • Free WiFi


August 10, 2021

Hello! Hope all is well! I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you from my husband, Pasquale, and me for his successful stay in short-term rehab at Delmar Gardens Chesterfield.  I was telling Jeremy and Bridget that people are always willing to share their complaints, but do not always share when they have a great experience.  The day-to-day caregivers especially need to hear when they are doing a great job.

Pasquale and I both had a great experience at Delmar Gardens Chesterfield, all the way from the initial referral I made when Pasquale was at Mercy South all the way until his discharge last Thursday.  We only had a small hiccup about the shower schedule, but when our concerns were communicated, the staff stepped up to the plate and resolved everything.  Pasquale and I did not let this deter us from having a good experience. (No community is perfect! It’s how you respond!)

We found the staff to be friendly and willing to assist him if/when needed. They treated us both like humans and not as an obligation or burden.  Pasquale said the food was great (not often the case in LTC!) and the housekeeping was great, too. The staff was always willing to have him ready at 5:45 a.m. on T/Th/Sat to go to hemodialysis and welcomed him back when he returned and readily brought him a breakfast tray.

Laney was great at discharge with the medications, discharge orders, and instructions. All the staff was great to work with, but we especially liked working with Laney, Chris, and Fernando.  PT Lisa and OT Sarah and the therapy team were awesome, too! They were all patient with Pasquale and didn’t rush him, which he appreciated.

Again, we just wanted to express our gratitude and let you know I will continue to recommend the Delmar Gardens Family!

Please forward this email to the Director of Rehab. I can’t find the email right now with her name/email address.

Thanks, again!


Susan Signorino, LCSW, CMC

Geriatric Care Manager

Care Choice Care Management, LLC

We would like to express our appreciation for the extraordinary job the Delmar Gardens team did in taking care of Eva during the last years of her life. You are so much more than a nursing home. You notice the difference as soon as you drive in by the blooming flowers and plants. You can always count on a cheerful greeting from the receptionist as you came through the door and the employees as you walked to Eva’s room. The inside of the building is always bright, colorful, and has decorations that changed with seasons. We especially liked Christmas with all the trees, ornaments, and lights.

The nurses and aides are compassionate and very knowledgeable about their work. They knew Mom well and went out of their way to make her comfortable and handle special request from her and the family. The food was great. Eva specially liked breakfast and desserts. We thought your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were awesome with the linens, wine, pies, and entertainment. Eva always liked going to the beauty shop. It made her feel special.

Eva’s room was always spotless. Her laundry was well taken care. The maintenance man always kept her updated on how the Cardinals were doing. She took a lot of pride in being able to walk until the end. A special thanks to physical therapy and her aides for keeping her mobile for so long. We thank the office staff for all their dealings with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, VA etc. on Eva’s behalf. They made working with these frustrating government organizations seem easy.

The Activity Department made Delmar a fun place to be. Eva enjoyed the music. We liked seeing her sing along with the other residents to songs they grew up with. All the parties for special occasions and holidays. Her great grandchildren loved to come to the Easter and Fall parties with the egg hunts, petting zoo, pony rides, face painters, entertainers, and great food. And Eva enjoyed watching them have fun.

You mixed them all together to provide a warm, loving, and cheerful home for her and all the residents. Your team did so many wonderful things for Eva over the years. They are an exceptional group of people who made her final years some of her best.

Many Thanks!!!

The Family of Eva


Rachael and Peaches in Division 100 deserve special recognition for the exceptional care they took of Eva. They work well together, are caring, compassionate, and excellent at their jobs. They took the time to really get to know Eva and went out of their way to keep her comfortable. They did a great job of keeping us informed about how Eva was doing.


To the Staff at Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield and Chesterfield Villas:

My mother, Thelma R, moved into Chesterfield Villas Assisted Living at age 99 1/2.  She loved it there.  She made wonderful friends and the staff couldn’t have been nicer!

Today would have been her 101st birthday, but she passed away on January 31, 2017, just two weeks before her birthday.  When she needed to go into the skilled nursing facility for 3 weeks for rehabilitation, I saw the same kindness, caring, concern and dedication of the staff as I saw at Chesterfield Villas.  Everyone is very special.

J. B

Hello Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield Nurses and CNAs of the 5th Wing,

I received a newsletter that said June at Delmar Gardens is Nurse and CNA Appreciation Month. If it were up to me, I’d have the entire year be Nurse and CNA Appreciation Month!

Here’s what I love about you: You are present when I cannot be, you have caught physical and medical issues that I could not because I don’t have your knowledge, and you have expressed love and care toward my mother, who finally considers her small half of the room to be her home. She feels respected and loved by everyone at the Gardens. My mind is eased by your prompt response to any issues of concern, and you work with me to find solutions, then implement them. For the love and grace, you show my mother and me. I thank you.

Whenever Mom is away from the Gardens for appointments or pleasure, she is concerned: “No one will know where I am.” I tell her you do know, but she doesn’t believe me. Each time she returns in the afternoon or evening, more than one of you come to her room to greet her (sometimes before I can make it out the door), ask about her time away, and then start getting her prepared for bed and ask if there is any other way you can make her comfortable, if it’s not yet bedtime. She is so happy that her new friends…YOU…missed her! When I call later to let her know I got home safely and ask how she’s doing, she says, “I had some friends stop by soon after you left. They know where I am, I’m fine now.” When I ask who stopped by, Mom, who is bad with names and pronouncing them because of her TIAs and hearing issues (she still can’t say her roommate’s name correctly), she replies, “Oh, you know. The lovely lady who helps me with my shower and helps me get dressed” or “The nice person who gives me medicine” or “That sharp gal who wraps my legs” and so on.

I know your job of care for others’ loved ones is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet and you rarely receive the acknowledgement you deserve, but I want to assure you that your presence in the lives of the residents is profound. You make their lives better—you certainly do for my mother. And all that you do does not go unnoticed.

For you, my family and I are forever grateful. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Daughter of Maxine

Good Day, Jeremy,

I would like to share a heartfelt thanks to the personnel at Delmar Gardens Chesterfield as Lisa and Jamie were so very gracious and accommodating with a visit for one of our treasured friends in residence.  We wanted to extend a celebratory acknowledgment on her birthday, Friday- August 7th.  As our society has many health prevention and maintenance challenges during this time, we were able to visit with her with the support of staff members, Lisa and Jamie.

The ladies demonstrated kindness and compassion, as well as professionalism in facilitating our visit through the common area window conversing through phones and visual contact.  Joyce was smiling with surprise as she was given assistance opening gifts.

Your personnel, including Jackie have consistently shown patience and compassion for your residents, family, and friends.  We would like to thank you for the excellent quality of services you and your staff provide in a caring community.

Verdell M. & Gwen P.

After being involved in a car accident that completely rendered me helpless I found myself in the hospital for several weeks and then headed to Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield. I was nervous, scared, sad and in a lot of pain. The thought of relying on someone to help me with everything was terrifying. When I arrived at Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield I was greeted and welcomed with big smiles and open arms. I felt relieved after speaking with the administrators and staff and I was able to relax knowing that all of my needs were being met. The pet therapy and the Stray Rescue Foster program truly make a difference! Also, having a salon on site ensures that residents are able to still feel good and keep up with some of their normal routine while going through a tough situation. The therapists at Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield are the best in the world in my book; I made amazing improvements during my two and a half month stay. I felt like more of a part of a “little family” than an actual resident. I would most definitely recommend Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield to anyone who is looking for a place for themselves or a loved one!