If you are looking for skilled nursing or rehabilitation therapy in South St. Louis County, Delmar Gardens South is here for you. Since 1987, Physicians, Spiritual Leaders, and families have relied on Delmar Gardens South for long-term and short-term care, rehabilitation, respite, and memory care for their patients and loved ones.


Delmar Gardens South provides unmatched nursing care and therapy making us the preferred choice of most physicians and surgeons. Our staff includes a Medical Director who is available around the clock, plus a full staff of Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and Nurse Aides in addition to expert physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Our team collaborates with your Physician and family to create a care plan that focuses on healthy healing at a rate that is comfortable yet progressive for the resident so they may return home safely and with confidence. Our years of experience work to confidently plan discharge upon admission.

Once the plan of care is administered and completed, residents enjoy a three-day, two-night stay at our independent living community known as our exclusive Ready-Set-Go Home! Program. Living independently in our network with oversight as needed by your therapist, helps to gain confidence to live independently in a safe environment before transitioning back home. It’s our exclusive program that works!

Memory Care

Our Specialized Memory Care Unit is devoted exclusively to caring for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of cognitive impairment. Close supervision is constantly maintained offering our dear residents freedom of mobility without restraint and ensuring their personal safety.

Our professional staff is specially trained and experienced with those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments. Our activity staff prides itself in providing constant programming designed specifically for people with these special needs.

Daily exercise and memory stimulation are an integral part of our Specialized Care Unit. Regular exercise for residents with Alzheimer’s disease enhances motor skills, decreases falls and reduces the progress of mental decline. Improved behavior, enhanced memory and better communication skills are additional benefits.

In addition to our Services and Amenities, the Specialized Care Unit includes:

• Tastefully decorated “Serenity Suites”
• Specifically designed activity program for constant engagement throughout the day

Additional small group activities include:

• Exercise
• Dance
• Memory Stimulation
• Horticulture Club
• Arts & Crafts
• State-of-the-Art Therapy Gym
• Elegant Dining Room
• Television/Lounge Area
• Specially designed and equipped bus
• Registered Dietician/Resident-Specific menu planning
• Protective wander alert system


In addition to our beautifully appointed common areas, residents also enjoy services and amenities such as:

  • 24-hour professional nursing services
  • Full rehabilitative program including daily physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Daily social and recreational programs and activities
  • Unlimited visiting hours
  • Emergency call system
  • Religious services – non-denominational and denominational
  • Grab bars in bathing and toilet areas
  • Obstruction-free floor plan (promotes greater independence)
  • Luxurious furnishings
  • Elegant dining room
  • Large activity room
  • Television with complimentary cable
  • Beauty salon/Barbershop
  • Infant/Toddler Learning Center (Intergenerational Therapy)
  • Free WiFi


By design, each Early Childhood Education Center is located within a Delmar Gardens skilled nursing facility to offer unique intergenerational activities between children and the Residents or “Grand Friends.” While Children visit with their “Grand Friends,” they further develop respect, kindness and love for the elders. Children learn acceptance of people that may look different and to not be afraid of wheelchairs. Delmar Gardens pioneered intergenerational care in the St. Louis area over 30 years ago.

We offer Infant Care, Toddler Care, Pre-Kindergarten

Daycare is available to staff and the public. The center creates a happy, safe and healthy environment which offers warm, informal interaction between staff members and the child. Opportunities to make free choices throughout the day are provided with hands-on, responsive materials. The child is allowed and encouraged to exercise his natural and active curiosity. Basic needs such as feeding, diapering and cuddling are met promptly.

Delmar Gardens South is clean and the staff is superb!

Activities is 100 on a scale of 1 to 10! .

Kudos to staff.

Donna M.


Dear Jeanna and Staff:

I don’t know where to begin to thank you and your remarkable staff for the comfort, compassion and care they have given mom for the past 8 1/2 years. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my mother, Ethel.

When mom first arrived at Delmar Gardens, December 24, 2015, I was devastated. It was the worst day of my life to leave my mom there. Mom taught us that you should always take care of family. Never put them in a nursing home. Keepm them at home. Every time I  left her, I cried all the way home. I had let mom down. It took me 18 months to realize that Delmar Gardens was good for mom.

Through the years, your staff has taught me so much about taking care of a loved one, helping me understand the best treatment for the situation, the fact that mom was safe and that my brothers and I made the decision to leave mom in your loving care.

All the staff, administrative, activities, maintenance, housekeeping, CNA’s, nurses, dietary, therapy, and any others I may have missed, are always kind,  helpful and compassionate. I feel as if they are my family and I cannot thank them enough!

Please know that Delmar Gardens South has a special place in my heart and I will always be proud to say mom had the BEST care available.

Again, thank you and you staff.

Sheila P., Charles T. and Joseph T.

Family of Ethel T.



Thank you so very much for the beautiful Rose and vase given to each of us for Mother’s Day.

It is still beautiful and I want you to know how very muchI appreciate it.

Thank You!

Sally, B.



I want to express my appreciation for the very nice event that was planned for the Mothers Day Gala.   The whole event was very well organized and so enjoyable.  My compliments to the Delmar Gardens South staff!   It was fun to spend time with my mom in the festive setting.  The theme and decorations were very cute and pretty.  The entertainment was great with a nice selection and variety of songs.  My mom enjoyed listening and commented on how good they were.  Many compliments for the yummy desserts!  They all were excellent, even though I didn’t taste them all!  The ones I sampled were delicious.  It was a nice treat.

It was nice to come in and have a reserved seat ready for us to sit down.  It was also sweet of the staff to come and serve us the drinks.  You felt like you were in a restaurant!  Again many compliment’s on your planning of the event.

Thanks again,

Sandy Newman – daughter of Inez Wiesehan

God Bless you!


I made alist of my honor-roll employees. All of these employees went above and beyond their duties for me. They made my stay so much more pleasant. Some of them had to put up alot from me because of my pain. My stay was more pleasant because of them.

I also would recommend Delmar Gardnsn because of these employees. I would appreciate if you could personally thank each of them for me.

Thank you!

Pamala T.

Honor Roll Employees

LaShae Wheelington, CNA

Susan Schirmer, CNA

Cody Williams, Charge Nurse

Beckcy Boucherie, Med Tech

Cozette Carroll, Med Tech

Taylor Foster, Nurse




Hi Cindy,

I thought you might like to see Fred’s obituary notice that is posted on the Funeral Home’s web-site.  There will be a 4 line notice in the newspaper but the one Baue funeral web-site is the full write-up.  If you wouldn’t mind, would you forward it to the staff there at Delmar Gardens South who might like to read it, too?  Baue Funeral Homes

On a more personal note, once again I want to express my sincerest thanks to you for everything you did to help me during the time Fred lived at Delmar Gardens South.  Whenever I needed help making sense out of any of Fred’s medical bills or more precisely, anything I needed help on where to seek information or clarification on anything….YOU were my go-to person every time!  You were my life saver so many times and I can not thank you enough for all you did. And I can honestly say the care and concern you had for Fred was most appreciated by all of the family.  You and Maggie stopping by during one of our FaceTime visits was such a joy.  I hope all of the Delmar Gardens know and appreciate what an incredibly employee they have in you.

God Bless You … from all of Fred’s family.

Much love,

Sharon P.





Your acts of kindness mean more than you realize. Your acknowledgement and daily help allowed our mother to slowly accept that she has a new home. Each time you said “hello, nana”, saived, or spoke gently was helpful. Our family values our time with nana and all of her love and guidance.

We appreciate each member of your staff. Your knowledge and commitment to your work, and especially your kindness to patients, was excellent.

Dan G. & Becca H.

We graciously thank all of your staff at Delmar Gardens.  Everyone gave much more than 100%.  Our dad has been given the opportunity to live independently a little longer, which is due to the excellent care received from you!  Thanks again!

Janet C.

Dear friends at Delmar Gardens,

I just wanted to say thank you for the time you spend taking care of, looking out for, talking, and laughing with Tom during his stay there.  I will be in to visit and have lunch with my friends and second family.


Mary & “Tom”

Thank you so much.  The phrase is simple and the words are few, but behind them is a whole lot of appreciation.

Thank you for your warm thoughts and comfort,

Harry’s Family

You have truly been a family to us for about 14 years.  We will never forget the kindness and love you have given to our loved ones and to us.  We can’t thank you enough.

God bless everyone there for the wonderful work you do.

Larry, Kay and Family

I want to say thank you to everyone at Delmar Gardens South for making my mother’s 90th birthday so special!  Even in quarantine, my mother was able to visit with cousins/children through her window and FaceTime with my sister and me.  She’s still talking about the day.

Thanks again to everyone who helped!

Greg B.

I want to thank each and every person in Division 400 who made June’s place as close to home as one could get.

So many people over the last few years were so especially loving to my Mom with their care and kind words. I know it is hard for any of you to be in June’s place, but if you were you would know how Maria’s “sweetheart” words made Mom’s day so much easier. Then there was Bonnie’s tender touch and beautiful voice, Debbie’s sweat smile and laugh, Bob’s understanding of yet another day in a nursing home and how to make it feel like home, and so many others who did their job with love and concern and cared for my Mom each day. You all gave Mom her dignity whenever possible, that’s something you lose when you become so dependent on others for your every day needs.

To Pam, Kim, Chasity, Kathy and Scott and so many of the nurses who also took time to look in on June and have a few kind words for her: I know your days are packed with things to do but I always appreciated the special times when you tried to make each hour of every day a better day. To the Med-techs who had the fun job of giving out medication to some not too happy residents:  I know that each and every employee has a hard and often thankless job. Keeping everyone happy and healthy is work, but knowing your loving care made life just a little easier for me. I hope you will all know how I trusted each of you to do your job. Because of you and your caring heart I could sleep a little better, for I knew that my “one and only Mom” was being lovingly cared for.

For the last 5 years Delmar has been home for Mom and my home-away from home. I spent many days and weeks visiting not just Mom, but many of the other wonderful residents. It was my goal to bring a little sunshine into their lives too.

I would be re-missed if I did not mention the fun times. These ladies kept the music coming, bingo playing and exercise moving as well as the rest of the staff. They made Delmar not just a building but a home. From the front desk to the back door in Division 500 I would travel with Mom, enjoying the beautiful flowers and well kept groups and friendly workers from the cooks to the beauty shop. Thank you Delmar Gardens for coming as close to home as we could get.

It is my prayer that each of you will know how much family means to our family. Knowing that Delmar works hard to keep each individual person an individual. You treat our loved one’s as family and Delmar as their home away from home.

Thank you ALL and God Bless each of you as you continue to care for those we love. May you always know and remember how thankful we are knowing that you are there for us, and more importantly you are there you those that are so special and important to all of us.


Jackie (grateful daughter of June)

This letter is for both the Garden Villas South and the Delmar Gardens South Nursing & Rehab facilities. The Garden Villas South Assistant Living facility was Mom’s home for 2 years before her health declined and she needed nursing care. The month after mom moved to the Delmar Gardens South Nursing & Rehab facility, Covid 19 restrictions were placed on the normal everyday activities in an effort to protect the residents and staff. The restrictions on outside visitation and entertainment put a stress on the residents but the Activities personnel went the extra mile to keep the residents active & stimulated. Now that the CDC has lifted its restrictions the facility has regained its liveliness and outside entertainment can once again be provided. I would love to mention specific names in this review, but I mostly want the public to know that the hiring practices of the Delmar Gardens Family will continue to hire people who love what they do and truly care about the welfare of others. Here are my observations: Both Gardens Villas and Delmar Gardens South are Clean, Secure and Caring Family Environments. From the greeting at the front reception desk, to the bright and cheery dining facilities, I get an immediate upbeat feeling to the approach taken by both the Garden Villas and Delmar Gardens South to promote a healing/stimulating environment. The social workers are attentive and caring, and are willing to help in any way possible. The highly skilled nursing staff (RNs, CNAs, Med techs etc.) at Delmar Gardens South are attentive and care for the patients as if they were family. They kept Mom on a regular schedule: up and dressed each day, dispensed her medications, met her toileting needs and all the while treated her with dignity and human kindness. The activities staff made sure to invite and escort Mom to any and all activities. The efficient and friendly laundry & housekeeping staff keep the facility sparkling clean and odorless. The food service staff are efficient and they offer a wide range of menu choices. They are also willing to fill special requests within reason. The maintenance staff keeps the facility in excellent working order and the grounds crew makes sure the landscaping is beautifully planted to celebrate each current season. What makes both Gardens Villas and Delmar Gardens South so special are the people who work there. Many of the staff have worked there for 20 years or more. Throughout the time that my mother has been with Delmar Gardens I have observed that they promote from within, and that gives me an assurance that Garden Villas and Delmar Gardens South will continue to be a caring vital place in the community My mother needed hospice care during the last 9 months of her residency at Delmar Gardens South. The Pathways Hospice service that is a part of Delmar Gardens South provided EXCEPTIONAL care of mother’s needs. They kept her comfortable and provided additional services in addition to what the DGS nursing staff provided. I am glad I did not hesitate to place Mom into hospice, because Pathways Hospice provided an abundance of love and attention to her needs until her passing.

The Family of Jean S.

Hi Jeanna,

Mom wanted me to thank Delmar Gardens for the gift of the nice throw blanket at Christmas. She was also appreciative of all the staff members who came by her room to wish her a “Merry  Christmas”, even those working elsewhere on those days. The music, meals, & decor were all wonderful throughout the season, and our whole family sends our kudos to the entire staff.

Happy 2023!


Laura V. (Madge’s Daughter)


A quick question, but before we get there, I wanted to send two compliments!

First, a huge shout out to Brenda Allen. She’s helped my dad before and is one of the few people in his life that he seems super happy to see. She is always smiling and positive and has the patience of an absolute saint. On our last visit, we arrived right as she did to change my dad’s soiled diaper. I offered to help, but she took charge, and thoroughly cleaned him and dealt with his anxiety and commands to “hurry up” with nothing but grace and efficiency.  She has an incredible  attitude despite this very tough line of work and I don’t know how she does it, but I just wanted to say we are super grateful for her.

Second, I was going to fix his glasses but kept forgetting what the nose pieces looked like, and on our last visit I saw those were fixed as well. So, to whomever fixed them, thank you very much! That was above and beyond and I really appreciate it.

Thank you!


Good afternoon Jeanna,

First, I’d like to just say that Cindy Walden in the Delmar Gardens South business office has been so wonderful to work with. She was so kind and compassionate the other day when we were talking about getting the paperwork done and we were talking about how hard it was to let go of me caring for my mom. She shared a beautiful story about her mom and it was just lovely to know that people understand what we are going through. She has been very helpful and prompt in her responses to me as well.

Thank you,


Dear Kim,

In July last year, I entrusted my beloved wife of 58 years old into your care. Of course, Helen never wanted to be in a nursing home (who does?) but after much research my family selected Delmar Gardens South. It turned out to be a wonderful choice!

From day one, every one of your staff members, especially those in the 500 location, always extended loving care and support for Helen through her difficult times and also her very delightful times. My daily visits with Helen usually meant happy times for both of us. Now, I sort of like bingo, and will certainly miss all the music, balloon bowling and volleyball, etc. You see, Helen grew to love the staff members and so did I. Thank you. Thank you.

My daughters and I also appreciate the support and tender care your staff gave not only to Helen during her last few weeks but also to all of our family members. Watching a loved one deteriorate is not easy. Your staff went out of their way to make us all as comfortable as possible, bringing snacks and drinks for our family members, ice packs for Helen and just taking the time to talk with all of us when needed. Many of the staff members went out of their way to come in and say a final farewell to Helen. It was very touching and meant a lot to all of us.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to all of Helen’s caregivers as we do not know all of their names. We appreciate each and every one of them.



Dear Kim,

I wish to commend two key members of your staff in helping arrange the 40th anniversary dinner of my wife and I that was held at Delmar Gardens South. Becky and her staff scheduled and decorated the room and were involved in many other details. I wasn’t really expecting the table cloths and many other things that were in place when I got to the room. Under the direction of Vickie and her stuff, they provided us with everything and anything we asked for. Vickie, on several occasions would ask me if everything is alright and if I needed anything. She is such a sweetheart.

All of my family members and friends that were there were all impressed with the room setup and cooperation of your entire staff. Thanks to your staff for a wonderful evening that won’t be forgotten.



Dear Kim, Patty and Delmar Gardens South,

The bouquet of flowers was beautiful. Delmar Gardens was a good place for our mother. She received excellent care from the staff in Division 500. It is an active and compassionate place. The outdoor patio near the backdoor was a favorite spot. Mom loved to be outdoors by the beautiful flowers.

Thank you,

Gene, Jan, Carol and Dennis (family of Vivian)

Mr. Gabe Grossberg President & CEO Delmar Gardens Enterprises, Inc.

14805 No. Outer 40 Road, Suite 300

Chesterfield, MO 63017

RE: Nancy Kristmann

Our Mom, Nancy Kristmann, lived in Independent living and Assisted Living in Garden Villas South and at Delmar Gardens South. While at Delmar Gardens South, she received care from Pathways Hospice.

The care and treatment she received at all these facilities was fabulous. Our family has only positive comments and accolades for all staff members who attended to Mom.

At Garden Villas South, Michelle, Becky, Cheryl, and everyone else made the transition from her own residence to community living an enjoyable experience.

At Delmar Gardens South, as her health declined, she appreciated the care and concern she was shown by Carlton (??) and Anna(??) (Bosnian lady). I appreciated Vicky’s help in navigating the long term care insurance.

As her health continued to decline, the Pathways Hospice staff did a FANTASTIC job. Nurse Tanya was great and kept me constantly informed of Mom··s health changes. Chaplains Chris and Cathy were very helpful, supportive, and attentive.

Thank you.
Bill Franz




Good morning Jeanna,

I am giving my mom’s yellow rocking chair & footrest to Latrice. Please make sure she gets it.

Latrice has taken good care of our mom over the years. We appreciate the love and concern she has given our mom. Latrice is working on division 400.

Thank you to Suada, Chandra, Danielle, Mikayla, Dawn, Bob, Dan and Kenneth for their kindness and support. Delmar is blessed to have these amazing and rare people caring for our loved ones.

With thanks,

Rose B.

Your thoughtfulness gently lifted my spirits and made me feel closer to Dad. I miss him very much, but I know he is now at peace.


Ray & Dianne K.