Gladys Reeves-Kandel
Years of Service: 49
Facilities: Delmar Gardens West

Gladys Reeves-Kandel's Biography:

After working for a builder for seven years, Gladys Reeves saw an ad for a bookkeeper at the Delmar Gardens East Nursing Home.  She applied and was hired on October 27th, 1965.  Gladys states “It was the luckiest day of my life when I was hired to be a bookkeeper as well as payroll, billing, and tour guide for Delmar Gardens East.” It was a banner day in the history of the Delmar Gardens Family.  It happened to be Mr. Henry Grossberg’s 44th birthday, but on the same day Gladys Reeves’ illustrious career with Delmar Gardens began.   It became evident very quickly that Mr. G had just received the birthday gift of a lifetime!!

For the past 48 years, Gladys has devoted her life to caring for thousands and thousands of dear residents with a passionate focus of adhering to the Delmar Gardens Philosophy of “Love, Care and Understanding” each and every day.  No task is too small or challenge too great for Gladys.  She soon became the late Mr. & Mrs. Grossberg’s right hand, left hand, and everything in between.  It is estimated that Gladys has personally overseen more than five million patient days of care and service during her tenure.

Gladys’ unwavering support, leadership, and friendship was indispensable in the evolution and growth of the Delmar Gardens Family from a single facility provider caring for 120 residents to a vibrant national provider caring for approximately 5000 dear residents and clients!

Gladys’ work ethic is legendary.  During her entire career to this very day, Gladys routinely works ten to twelve hour days sometimes six or seven days a week.    Many years ago when Gladys was undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, she did not miss a single day of work.   She is truly remarkable and a dynamic role model for so many teammates.

Since the passing of Mr. Grossberg in 2001, and Mrs. Grossberg in 2008, Gladys’ inspirational leadership has become even more vital and she has devoted herself further to her dearest lifetime friends, and to Gabe Grossberg and the entire Delmar Gardens Family!!  Gladys is the most direct link to a unique company history and our dreams and aspirations for the future.

There could never be a more deserving, respected, or loved honoree than our own Gladys Reeves-Kandel.