Hospice care is about living…

Pathways hospice care is about living in comfort
For over 20 years, Pathways Hospice & Palliative Care has been enriching the lives of patients and their loved ones by assuring the most advanced medical care is provided in a compassionate and comforting manner. Our holistic approach to care focuses on comfort of the body, mind and spirit.

Hospice care serves those in the end stages of illness who have chosen to focus on comfort and quality of life rather than curative treatments. Patients and their families benefit most from hospice services when intervention begins early, as early admission allows time for hospice to relieve symptoms and facilitate the kind of open communication that can nurture relationships.

When is the right time for hospice care?
Knowing when it is time for hospice care can be difficult. When quality of life has declined and symptoms may be escalating, it is time to call Pathways Hospice. We work with the patient and physician to determine eligibility, but we encourage patients or families to call at any time to discuss hospice care or to arrange a visit for an evaluation. We are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Where is hospice care provided?
Pathways brings hospice services to wherever the patient considers home, which may be the house they’ve owned for years, a senior living or assisted living community or a skilled nursing center. Regardless of the setting, our hospice team coordinates hospice services with the patient, family and all healthcare providers to determine the appropriate approach to care.

Hospice or Palliative Care

Pathways Palliative Care also provides comfort for body, mind and spirit…
Palliative care is a unique service that provides comfort to individuals dealing with chronic and/or life limiting illness but are not ready or do not need or choose Hospice care. Unlike hospice, palliative care may be provided at any time during an advanced illness and may be used in conjunction with curative treatments.

Consultative visits are provided by specially trained Advanced Practice Nurses for those with pain or other symptoms. Assessment of medications and treatment recommendations are made to the primary physician to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.

In addition to the relief of pain and symptoms, our palliative care team helps our patients and families understand the illness, reviews healthcare choices and assists with planning for future care to ensure that personal values and decisions are respected.

Our holistic team includes social workers and chaplains to provide emotional and spiritual support as well as assistance with personal and community resources.

Comfort is the heart of our care.

The Delmar Gardens Connection

Since 2005, we have been a proud member of the Delmar Gardens Family, a nationally recognized provider of Exceptional Senior Care Services and Retirement Living, sharing in their philosophy of “love, care and understanding.”

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